Phenomenon of Urban Agriculture and Its Role in Shaping Sustainable Cities


  • Kateryna Dorofieieva Lviv Polytechnic National University
  • Kristīne Vugule Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies



urban agriculture, sustainable urban development, sustainable land use, resilient landscape design


The rapid growth and development of the world have lead to significant changes in the expansion of urban sprawl, land distribution, and the general functioning model of modern cities. The problems connected to ecology, economy, human physical and mental well-being become more urgent with every day under the influence of arising deficiency of open green spaces, nutritional security, and sustainable financial models for small-scale businesses within the cities; and not only affect regular citizens but also general tendencies of urban and landscape planning that are supposed to deal with those issues. One of the tools aimed at combating them for the past decades has been an increasingly popular urban agriculture, particularly chosen as a studying  object of interest for this publication. The following paper represents complex research  conducted in an integrated manner by reviewing the overall phenomenon of urban agriculture  and its pioneering practices; determining the key components of their successful functioning and  positive ways of affecting surroundings; and consequently forming the list of concluding  recommendations for planning and management of such structures. As the main methods of research, the selective case study, describing principal features of such initiatives, and relevant  literature analysis for the fundamental information gathering were applied by the author. The  results of the research were composed into the summarizing table highlighting core data and  supporting developed conclusion based on examination and designing suggestion for interested  parties.

Author Biographies

Kateryna Dorofieieva, Lviv Polytechnic National University

Dorofieieva Kateryna, B. Arch ‘Urban planning’, Lviv Polytechnic National University; B. Eng ‘Landscape
Architecture and Planning’, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies; former intern in
‘Botildenborg’ – social urban agriculture platform, Malmö, Sweden. Currently in Ukraine, independently
practicing in Landscape Architecture, and researching Urban Agriculture opportunities for physical
and mental rehabilitation for people affected by armed conflict. E–mail:,
phone: +380953518358.

Kristīne Vugule, Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

Dr. arch., associate professor and leading researcher at the Department of Landscape
Architecture and Planning, Faculty of Environment and Civil Engineering, Latvia University of Life Sciences
and Technolgies.


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